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Architectural forms, still life and landscapes are all sources of inspiration. Through my own emotional response to the subject, the aim is to enhance the viewer's perception of images that might otherwise be taken for granted.


The dialogue between activities such as farming, forestry or quarrying and the shapes and forms of the natural environment is visually intriguing. Even apparently wild places can gain a patterned structure through the fact that trees have been deliberately planted, paths have been worn through the space or items have been abandoned. In its turn, nature re-invades and impacts; the relationship is fluid.


Whether highly detailed or deceptively simple, the focus is on formal elements such as perspective and composition. A subtle change of viewpoint or arrangement of shapes can significantly affect the mood of a work.


Selected works will be on display at the St John Street Gallery, Ashbourne, Derbyshire from 15th July 2015. Please contact the gallery for prices and to view. 01335 347425

Work in Progress

An evolving series of mixed media pieces on a "Lost and Found" theme, in preparation for exhibition in September 2016.


Drawing is a vital part of my work and is interpreted as widely as possible.

Illustration and Graphic Work

Book Jackets, Illustrative and Topographical Work.


Sketches made on site are developed fluidly in the studio, each mark affecting and determining the next. Sometimes a two dimensional drawing will evolve into a mixed media collage, the collage then growing into a relief or even fully into three dimensions.


A selection of works on display from May 2015 at the Abbey Chateau de Camon, Ariege, France. []