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A collection of architectural interiors inspired by the Abbey Chateau de Camon near Mirepoix in SW France. Original works are currently available to view at the Chateau. High quality digital prints are available. See the "Pricing" section for details.

Hall: watercolour


The dialogue between activities such as farming, forestry or quarrying and the shapes and forms of the natural environment is visually intriguing.

"Horizon" graphite 30x40cms


A selection of works from the "Breakwater" exhibition held at the Coach House Gallery Guernsey 2013. This sequence evolved from observational studies at Vazon Bay and Saints Bay Harbour.

Waters Edge: watercolour


Drawing is a vital part of my work and is interpreted as widely as possible.


Illustration and Graphic Work

Book Jackets, Illustrative and Topographical Work.

To the Lake


Sketches made on site are developed fluidly in the studio, each mark affecting and determining the next. Sometimes a two dimensional drawing will evolve into a mixed media collage, the collage then growing into a relief or even fully into three dimensions.



Drawings to be included in "Drawing Connections" at Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery 20th January - 31st March 2017

"The Expedition" graphite on layered papers 50x23cms


Photography is used as a sketching medium, adding to visual references and assisting with recording ideas.

"Tree" digital photograph

Lost and Found

A selection of works exhibited at the Kultur Baeckerei, Luneburg Germany September 2016. Spaces and Places where items are lost and/or found.

"Echo" acrylic, ink and graphite.

Dole Cupboards

A series of ideas developed from observational drawings of the dole cupboard collection at Haddon Hall near Bakewell, Derbyshire. [Rare survivors of cupboards originally left outside grand houses or churches and containing surplus food for the poor.] Haddon's small museum also houses items such as antique dice and playing cards found during renovations. These drawings, paintings and photographic prints combine the two sources, exploring concepts of good fortune, lucky finds and chance.

"Daily Bread" oil on canvas 30x20cms