Home » Gallery » Preview: "Circle" work in progress for the forthcoming exhibition at Buxton Museum 12th January - 23rd March 2019.
"Laid Low 1" watercolour 50x60cms
"Laid Low 2".  Watercolour 50 x60cms
"Dusk Circles" Watercolour 50x70cms
"Time Lines" Graphite on Paper 50x70cms
"Outer Circle" Acrylic on Canvas [size:A1]
"Shadow Dancing 3" watercolour 40x50cms
"Dial Spring [Nine Stones Close/Grey Ladies]" watercolour 50x70cms
"Sun Dial 2" watercolour 50x70cms
"Turning Point" oil on canvas 150x120cms
"Dial Winter [The Nine Ladies Stone Circle]" oil on canvas 45x60cms
"Winter Sun [Arbor Low]" oil on canvas 60x80cms
"Red Low" graphite and watercolour on paper 40x50cms
"Shadow Dancing 1" watercolour 60x80cms
"Shadow Dancing 2"