Home » Gallery » "Circles" A series of works exhibited at Buxton Museum 12th January - 23rd March 2019. The result of a visual conversation with German artist Ursula Blancke-Dau on the theme of circles, circularity and defined circular spaces. Some paintings are still available. [price on application] All sizes are approximate. High quality digital prints are available in addition to original works. See the "Pricing" section under "About the Paintings" for details.
"Barbrook 1" oil on canvas 80x40cms
"Barbrook 2" oil on canvas 80x40cms
"Outer Circle" acrylic on canvas A1 size
"Dial Spring [Nine Stones Close/Grey Ladies]" watercolour 50x70cms
"Sun Dial 2" watercolour 50x70cms
"Dial Winter [The Nine Ladies Stone Circle]" oil on canvas 45x60cms
"Winter Sun [Arbor Low]" oil on canvas 60x80cms
"Shadow Dancing 1" watercolour 60x80cms
"Shadow Dancing 2"
"Laid Low 1" watercolour 50x60cms
"Laid Low 2".  Watercolour 50 x60cms
"Outer Circle" Acrylic on Canvas [size:A1]
"Walking in Circles" oil based ink etched into acrylic. 3D drawing approx 30x35x50
"Weather Vane"  oil on canvas 76x122cms