Home » Gallery » "Walking in Circles" work exhibited Spring 2019 at St John Street Gallery Ashbourne.
"Magic Circle" graphite 50x70cms
"Nine Ladies" watercolour 72x92cms
"Solstice" watercolour 70x90cms
"Red Space" graphite and watercolour on paper 52x68cms
"Shadow Dance [Harthill]" watercolour 53x68cms
"Time Lines" Graphite on Paper 50x70cms
"Set Circle" Watercolour 50x70cms
"Game of Stones" watercolour 76x94cms
"Green Space" graphite and watercolour 52x72cms
"Shadow Dance" [arbor low] watercolour 53x68cms
"Marking Time: 3" Watercolour 45x55cms
"Marking Time:2" watercolour 45x55cms
"Marking Time: 1" watercolour 45x55cms
"Passing Through" watercolour approx 50x70cms