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Dusk Tide. Oil on Canvas. A1 Size
Echo [Fort Hommet from Vazon] Watercolour 50x70cms
Nook and Cranny. Acrylic on Canvas 30x30cms
Sketch Book Page. Graphite and Wash. A3
stone circle
Remains of the Day. Acrylic on Canvas. A1
Sandscape 1. Watercolour 20x20cms
Sandscape 2. Watercolour 20x20cms
Sandscape 3. Watercolour. 20x20cms
Constellation 1. Mixed Media 30x20cms
Constellation 2. Mixed Media 25x25cms
Textures. Mixed Media. 15x25cms
Expedition. Watercolour. A3
Like Father like Son. Watercolour A3
Sunspot. Watercolour. 20x20cms
Broad Bands. Watercolour. 20x20cms
"Remnants [Fort Joe]" watercolour approx 40x50cms
"Watch Towers[Fort Jake]" Watercolour approx 40x50cms
"Formations" oil on canvas 50x60cm
"Ripple Effect" oil on canvas 50x60cm
"Canute" oil on canvas 60x50cm
"Melt" acrylic & coloured pencil on canvas paper A2
"Loopholes" Acrylic & Coloured Pencil on Canvas Paper A2
"Fort Hommet" screen print A5
"Castle" hand finished screen print A5
"Posts" watercolour approx 30x40cm