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sketch of the remaining exterior. Watercolour and graphite. A2 size
window sketches. Coloured Pencil. A2 size
The Carding Room. Sketch in Progress. Watercolour and Pencil. A2 Size
Carding room and Trough. Digital Collage
Then and Now. Digital Collage
Last Man Standing. Digital Collage
'Reflections on the Past". Digital Collage
Fire Door 1. Watercolour and Coloured Pencil Sketch. A2 size
"Burning Needs". Digital Collage; Robinson Factory Products superimposed.
Listed Interior. Charcoal and Graphite Sketch. A3 size
Windows 1. Digital Collage
Window 2. Digital Collage
Spire View. Digital Collage
"Installation" Watercolour and Coloured Pencil sketch. A2 size.
Carding Room Windows. Watercolour and Pencil Sketch.
Then and Now; working drawing/concept sketch.
"Unsafe and not Maintained" mixed media sketch.
Walton Mill Interior A2 sketch
Fire Door 2. Mixed media sketch.
"Off the Wall" two watercolour sketches. Each A3 size
"No Entry" Sketchbook Page
"Dark Interior" sketchbook page
"Pipework" sketchbook page
Window Blinds. A4 Graphite Sketch
"Corner" A4 Graphite Sketch