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"Blue Sky Thinking" watercolour 70x90cms
"Marching On" watercolour 50x70cms
"Oil Seed" watercolour 50x60cms
"Highs and Lows" oil on canvas 100x100cms
"Frost Hollow" watercolour unframed 70x50cms
"Straw Bales" watercolour and graphite 50x66cms
"Stile" watercolour 90x74cms
"Morning Mist" watercolour 73x93cms
"Rolling On" graphite 30x40cms
"Tracks" watercolour 59x75cms
"Sentinels" graphite 40x50cms
"One Way or Another" watercolour 70x90cms
"From Coach Lane" graphite and pastel 35x45cms approx unframed