About The Paintings

My work combines close observation with imagination.

I am drawn to a range of subjects and frequently produce a series of pictures in order to explore a particular theme through a variety of techniques and compositions. Drawing is vital and underpins all my work, whether in the form of preparatory sketches and experiments or as completed pieces in their own right.

Sketches from direct observation evolve into sequences of paintings as the impact of a chosen subject is explored through a range of compositions and media.

Observational studies develop fluidly using a wide range of individual or mixed media. Sequences of work emerge as the aesthetic impact of a chosen subject is explored. Sometimes a two dimensional drawing will evolve into a mixed media collage, the collage then growing into a relief or even fully into three dimensions.

Paintings have been exhibited in the UK, France and Germany and are now in numerous private collections. Commissions, residencies and opportunities have resulted in works being on permanent display in such diverse venues as JD Weatherspoons “Spon Gate”, Coventry and the National Trust’s Orangery at Charlecote Park.